Chart Inc.Skaff Cryogenics is now a division of Chart, Inc.

A Leader in Cryogenic Tank Sales, Service, Leasing and Repairs

Skaff Cryogenics is a leader in the industry for remanufacturing of cryogenic tanks, We also do repairs and customization of stationary cryogenic tanks and D.O.T. delivery units. We are certified for any size repair in the field. We provide a variety of leasing options for all of our cryogenic equipment as well. We take pride in the quality of cryogenic tank services we provide and strive to exceed industry standards.

SCI was founded in 1979 with a focus on cryogenic and LNG repair and cryogenic tank sales. Today, the Skaff Cryogenics’ team remains cutting edge. We carry out the cryogenic tank repair process with constantly improving technologies as they become available. SCI has always been on top of the latest advances to ensure the customers in the field have the reliability of their vessels that they demand and count on from Skaff Cryogenics. Learn More About Our Services

USS Albacore Restoration ProjectFrom Cryogenic Tanks To….. Submarines?!

Skaff Cryogenics is called in to make repairs to the U.S.S. Albacore which is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Cryogenic Tank Leasing

Cryogenic Tank Leasing

A division of Skaff Cryogenics,Cryo-Lease offers a wide variety of cryogenic stationary tanks, D.O.T. delivery tanks and trailers from 300 gallons to 12,000 gallons for leasing thoughout the U.S. and Canada.

Cryogenic Tank Rehab
Cryogenic Tank Rehab services
Cryogenic Tank Customization
Cryogenic Tank Rehab


  • NB R Certification
  • TSSA Certification

because safety and quality are our top priorities