SCI has been built and operated for over 30 years with our customer’s needs in mind. When working with SCI you will discover our quality and workmanship is unprecedented within this industry. You let us know what you need and “we’ll be there every step of the way.”

Can I store my unit at SCI?
YES, SCI has over 15 acres of land for storage at our facility in Brentwood, New Hampshire

What would the storage charges be? 
SCI does not charge for storage. This is a service provided free of charge to our current/active customers.

Can you tell me about loading & crane charges with SCI?
SCI figures loading and crane charges into the estimate of the rehab – With our state of the art facility and many of the latest technologies here at SCI these costs are kept to the absolute minimums.

What are SCI’s shipping terms?
FOB: Brentwood, NH 03833

What about lead times?
Lead times will vary according to procedure. Typically a full rehab done in house would average approximately 4 weeks. Refurbs and other Repairs will vary depending on the situation.

What if we have an emergency? Is SCI staffed and equipped to accommodate us?
YES, SCI is equipped to deal with emergencies of all kinds whether in house or on site.

Where can I get my delivery unit inspected?
SCI is an authorized DOT inspection, repair, maintenance and testing station.

How many tanks can we have rehabbed in one year?
SCI will do “whatever it takes” to assure your business operates smoothly with regard to maintenance of your cryogenic vessels. Our level of customer service guarantees there will not be limitations.

What exactly is covered during a rehab?
EVERYTHING! SCI will explain fully the process of rehab as well as provide a copy of our “standard procedures” upon request.

Can you provide the same services on delivery units?
YES! SCI has all the same programs available for delivery units from 119 gallon to 11,000 gallon trailers. In fact, SCI was founded in 1979 with a focus on LIN-LOX-LAR and, LNG trailer rehab and repair.

Can you test tanks if there is no vacuum?
YES. Our highly trained technicians have many years of experience in mass spectrometer testing for internal and external leaks and their associated repair processes. We can perform mass spectrometer testing both in house and on site.

Is there a warranty? What does this cover?
In many cases an SCI rehabbed vessel will be equal to or better than new condition thus we provide the same two-year (2) warranty that would accompany a newly manufactured vessel.

Are your welders certified to do code work?
YES. SCI is ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel code certified to perform repairs and alterations here and in the field.

Is SCI fully insured? Are certificates of that available?
YES. SCI is fully insured with a two million-dollar liability policy. Certificates are available upon request.

Are the subcontractors insured as well?
SCI does NOT use any sub contractors. The complete process “start to finish” is done by SCI employees

Who do I call with problems or questions?
Our friendly staff is here to assist you with any questions you may have. Our office hours are from 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday EST.

Will SCI work with our company service techs?
YES. Our professionals are available to compliment your service technicians from stocking and shipping parts to a jobsite to complete assemblies to on site assistance.

How far will SCI travel to do repairs or maintenance?
SCI does not have a “set territory”. We have been available from Maine to Alaska and all points between. Matter of fact, we’ve just recently returned from an install in Bermuda.

We have specifications for the way we need our tanks repaired.
Will there be substitutions?

Substitutions are NOT permitted at SCI. We conform to specifications of our customers. Plumbing specifications will conform to OEM’s design incorporating customer’s material specifications.

Can we contact other SCI customers for references?
All of us at SCI are very proud of the level of service and workmanship that we put into every vessel. We would be happy to supply a reference list upon request.

How do we know the status of our inventory at SCI or any work that is being done on our vessel?
There are many tools that SCI has available for reporting of inventories and work in progress including our website which can house your current inventory (at SCI) as well as completion dates of work in progress. You tell us what is more convenient for you and we will be happy to comply.

What size limitations, if any does SCI have?
SCI has prided itself, for the last 30+ years on the premise that NO vessel or job is too small and that NO vessel or job is too large. Our many years of experience are evident in every job we do here at SCI.

We’re concerned about costly downtime. Can SCI accommodate us if we need repairs and can not take the vessel out of service?
SCI is also concerned about your down time. We have fully equipped field service units that are capable of the smallest of repairs to full rehabs that can be done “on site” to eliminate this. Should we have to remove the vessel from service, we can provide a temporary unit for leaseuntil your vessel can be put back into service.

Does SCI have units available for “short term service”
YES. Temporary units are available for emergencies, upgrades and other needs for temporary service to meet your requirement

I have an old tank, would SCI purchase that from us? or take it in trade?
YES, call our office we’ll be happy to help you with that.

Can SCI supply us with bulk storage units?
YES. Check out our “online inventory.” We can supply new and re-manufactured units for sale or for lease.

What about cryogenic delivery units?
YES. SCI can maintain, rehab, build and provide delivery units from 119 gallon horizontal to 11,500 gallon trailers.

What lease options do I have for acquiring a tank from SCI?
SCI has a few options for you to acquire a tank. You can trade in your old tank toward a Purchase, Lease or Lease/Purchase. Custom designed leases & lease to purchase options can be designed to meet all your needs.

Will SCI have the right portable/ tank for me to lease?
SCI & Cryolease are sister companies and have over 100 tanks in their inventory. We also have 100+ tanks out on lease including LNG and cryogenic trailers. Our bulk tanks available for leaserange from 200 gallons to 15,000 gallons.