SCI prides itself on exceptional quality when it comes to refurbishing or customizing cryogenic tank units.
In many cases a  trailer or vessel will be repaired in such a way that it would be equal to, or better than new.

From Cryogenic Tanks To….. Submarines?!

When the caretakers of the historical USS Albacore needed repairs they called Skaff Cryogenics!

The USS Albacore was a research submarine, designed by the Navy to test experimental features used in modern submarines. Used for testing control and propulsion systems, sonar equipment, dive brakes, escape mechanisms, and various innovative theories and equipment, Albacore was truly a unique Navy floating laboratory. Get the full story here.

The Albacore was decommissioned in September of 1972 and brought to its final resting place on a concrete cradle at Albacore Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Today Albacore has been preserved and opened to the public.